Friday, 5 August 2011

The week - 1st August

What a week it has been!
It was discussions, arguments and more discussions about my son’s most appropriate choices with subject selections for Year 11 and Year 12. The process was very stressful because he had to consider his options carefully and then make a systematic decision. Family, friends, school and the world of work – all will have some effect on the final decision................!
My parents-in-law left for India after an 11 month stay. We felt like strangers in our own house! Memories are strewn all over. We miss them, but hopefully they will be back soon for my niece’s wedding in April next year.
Full on day at work with teaching and meetings and was exhausted by the time I came back from work and then had to cook and clean and prepare for the Challenge Mentors webinar for the EpCop MOOC as I was a co-presenter with Junita Lyon on blogging. I had to tell my story of how I started blogging (first of how I started using the computer) and now how I use it with my students.
The day was spent at work busy as usual, but I was apprehensive about my presentation in the evening – it was nothing elaborate – just my simple story, but it was important for me. So thank you to all for listening and for your encouraging comments. And thank you Junita once again for a great session on Blogger. 

Finally I have time now to paricipate in the EpCop MOOC forums and other collaborative spaces.

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