Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Personal Learning Goal

My Personal Learning Goal:
To e-learn as much as I can by participating in Reflect and Connect and then keep learning, exploring, and passing on this passion to others – my colleagues and students.

My Story - I did not know a thing about computers when I migrated to Australia in 2002 (from Uganda – I lived there for 8 years). When I started my Dip Ed and was told that I will have to submit the assignments electronically I wanted to run away somewhere, but I have a wonderful husband who supported me and challenged me – “Of course you can do it”. So I did – took little steps at a time. I even used Web CT!!

I love computers and the new technological world now – I have conquered some of my fears, I think. I use it in my teaching practice– writing my Teaching Plan, Teaching Record, worksheets for students, and as the Resources Coordinator I am constantly researching for free ESL resources which I save on our central network drive so that it is easily accessible to all the teachers. I also use the iPod on my iPhone 4 in class and Facebook for social networking. I have a lot of independence at work and have wonderful colleagues, but our resources are limited. So this will be a constant challenge – of how to incorporate the new world with what we have.

I am now a member of the ACE e-learning network and hope to get a lot of ideas, but I also need to manage my time well so that I can be a part of more CsoP.