Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Personal Learning Goal

My Personal Learning Goal:
To e-learn as much as I can by participating in Reflect and Connect and then keep learning, exploring, and passing on this passion to others – my colleagues and students.

My Story - I did not know a thing about computers when I migrated to Australia in 2002 (from Uganda – I lived there for 8 years). When I started my Dip Ed and was told that I will have to submit the assignments electronically I wanted to run away somewhere, but I have a wonderful husband who supported me and challenged me – “Of course you can do it”. So I did – took little steps at a time. I even used Web CT!!

I love computers and the new technological world now – I have conquered some of my fears, I think. I use it in my teaching practice– writing my Teaching Plan, Teaching Record, worksheets for students, and as the Resources Coordinator I am constantly researching for free ESL resources which I save on our central network drive so that it is easily accessible to all the teachers. I also use the iPod on my iPhone 4 in class and Facebook for social networking. I have a lot of independence at work and have wonderful colleagues, but our resources are limited. So this will be a constant challenge – of how to incorporate the new world with what we have.

I am now a member of the ACE e-learning network and hope to get a lot of ideas, but I also need to manage my time well so that I can be a part of more CsoP.


  1. Hi Manjit
    Great that you have conquered your fears in the technology world,I was also a late starter with computer. I understand it when you mention resources are limited its that old ACE complaint. This course will steer you in the right direction for finding the tools you need to build on your ESL practice.

  2. Junita and Penny
    Many thanks for your constant encouragement which I value greatly. I feel like there is so much to learn in IT and there is not enough time, but I'm loving every minute of it - especially the fact that the participants who are more knowledgeable are very supportive!