Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Back to my other home

When I went to work on Monday 9th May, one of my colleague's said "Welcome Home Manjit"  - Yes I felt like I had retuned home after almost 4 weeks of sick leave. Each and every one asked me how I was going, teachers and students have offered to carry my folders for me - clean the w/b for me - even get me a glass of water!!! Some Ss made a lovely card and gave me a welcome back gift. Simple words like "we missed you" had a lot of meaning for me. And the lessons have been great. The new Ss have been very warm and have settled in very well.
 There are meetings lined up including Validation and Induction as the new AMEP contract kicks in next Semester. Will also have to create Units of Work soon with a settlement focus (which I love doing). So a very busy Term 2. I hope to God that my shoulder heals fast. I would hate to miss all this.