Friday, 22 July 2011

My profile for EpCoP MOOC

I’m an ESL Teacher and Home Tutor Coordinator at Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre in Melbourne, Victoria – a registered training organisation. I teach the newly arrived migrants (adults) and train volunteers to teach the migrants who are unable to access classes. I’m also the Resources Officer – spending $$$!
I have come to love all things *e* after I completed the Reflect and Connect Course with Coach Carole, Pauline Wilson and Junita Lyon. Nine years ago when I migrated to Australia I knew very little about computer based learning. But when I had to submit all assignments electronically for my Dip Ed at La Trobe Uni I had to push myself to learn. Now I cannot do any work without my computer and iPhone and love the digital world - my PLN has grown so much! And I’ve started reflecting - blogging!
There are challenges – as I work in the community sector resources are limited, but there is a lot of potential and hope. I try to instil that hope in myself, my colleagues and students.
I hope to bring to the EpCoP MOOC as a Volunteer Challenge Mentor the passion I have for e-learning (as I know that is the only way forward) and offer constant support and encouragement that I always get.

EpCoP MOOC Post 1

- What are your hopes/fears for this course?
I cannot thank Coach Carole, Pauline Wilson and Junita Lyon enough for helping me to establish my digital identity through the Reflect and Connect Course. Now I hope to extend that learning with the EpCoP MOOC.
However, I fear lack of time again / my inability to manage my time..............

- What areas of your life do you plan to reflect on in your e-portfolio?
Teaching and learning...............

- What will success look like for you after you take this course?
Sweet :-) 

Term 3 2011 and EpCoP MOOC

What a fantastic start to aother term!

Last term was very disappointing - frozen shoulder + sick leave + no classes + no home tutor training or matching clients + flu + more sick leave + vertigo + missed the Volunteers' Dinner after putting in all the hard work :-(

So hopefully I've had enough  - I don't want to be sick any more. I want to create fantastic Units of Work as is required by DIAC as part of the new AMEP Contract. This has added some excitement to teaching/learning! And I'm very much looking forward to participate in the EpCoP MOOC.

e-portfolios for starters