Monday, 11 April 2011

My Support Netwok - Reflection

My Support Network

I grew up in a joint family in India so I love people around me. I hate being alone. When I migrated to Australia 8 years ago I felt very lonely initially, but when I started doing my Dip Ed I started making the connections. It was not easy for me to build my social and academic network all over again after having a very close network in India and Africa.

Now at Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre we have a very good support network – like a huge family! So I don’t go to work every day I go to my extended family. Our manager is very supportive and encouraging. AT GNLC Professional Development is given a lot of importance and so I have always participated in various ESL Conferences / Workshops in my 4 ½ years that I have taught here. I also participated in an Action Research Project and met some fantastic teachers.

Outside GNLC too I have strong ties. My family, especially my husband and friends and the broader Indian Community are very important for me. I have made contact with teachers from India and Africa through Face book – so I love the online environment. I am a member of VATME and VicTESOL and other networks – mainly now through the Reflect and Connect Course.


  1. Hi are fortunate to have a workplace that is supportive and values professional development. It sounds like a wonderful place to work at.

  2. Hi Manjit. Having good support networks are paramount,with support we grow further in our professional practice. With support the possibilities are endless.