Friday, 18 March 2011

My e-learning journey so far

·         Does not require special technological knowledge – (assuming that Ss have basic computer skills and know how to use the internet)
·         Is very collaborative – Ss are contributors and editors
·         Is unlike Blogs where you cannot change a comment or a post – wikis have a more open structure
·         Promotes Bloom’s Taxonomy – Use of Synthesis and Evaluation when Ss work on a wiki
·         Encourages creativity and engagement in Ss – build, build and build – no end   
·         Develops team work and problem solving skills (employability skills)
·         Improves writing skills (no automatic spell checkers built in)
o   BUT – have to be careful about posting Ss personal information and names – seek their permission
o   Have to beware of vandalism and ‘accidental changes’
o   Must cite everything used properly - Creative Commons – special copyright agreement, “share, remix, reuse – legally”

1 comment:

  1. Wikis are great for collaborating with others to build a resource. Good on you for getting one started Manjit.